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LassalMedia: When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. - Paulo Coelho quote

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
– Paulo Coelho –

The world out there, as you see it, is really just one reality out of many possible realities.
How is that?
Because your brain stands between the world and you.

Your brain will not show you the world as it is, but through a filtering mirror.
It will reflect what your brain allows it to reflect.
It will show you what you expect to see.
The meaning will be something quite fitting to your state of mind.

Because your brain always wants you to feel RIGHT about things!
It will avoid showing you anything contradictory.
Even if it stares right into your face.

Out of the incredible amount of data hitting us every moment, your brain sorts out whatever it finds suitable.
What would be suitable, you ask?
It's what makes it (you) feel right, or what confirms its (your) assumptions.

If it needs to make up something to achieve this, it will.
The best part?

You will not even notice.

When you are madly in love, everything around you will reflect that as much as possible.
Even in a dark night the world will be a bright(er) place. And there will be hope.
When you feel depressed, everything around you will reflect that as much as possible just as well.
Even a warm day will feel cold and hope will crumble.
If two people walk side by side along a street, one of them madly in love, one of them depressed, they will not see the same things nor interpret them the same way. Even walking side by side, they will walk along different paths altogether.
They will experience different realities.

This happens automatically.

The magic occurs when you step in and take control over as much of this process, as you can.

So when you work on becoming a better person, the world around you will become a better place – just by reflecting your state of mind.

This, too, happens automatically.

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