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If your path gets too crowded try changing the lane (Lassal)

“If your path gets too crowded, try changing the lane”

It is scary, sure. It feels so much more secure to follow the step-by-step recipes given to thousands before you.

The question is: do these people succeed?
99,9999999% do not.

While I advise against the high risk of starting something totally and utterly new in a never before tested market (leave this to the more experienced folks who have plenty of money to burn), do not go where the masses are squeezing into, either. You are already too late to the party and will be left with crumbs.
Instead, research, pay attention, and choose a path where few have preceded you, and with successful outcomes.

Choose the empty lane and get that foot onto the accelerator!

Are you doing that? If not, then what is holding you back?