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How come some people hussle and fight for years to find clients for their products and services, while others seem to manage to make clients flock to their products as if effortlessly – even though their products and services don’t seem to be any “better”?

Maybe they are into evil and slick marketing tricks?
Or into vodoo?
Influential friends?
Or, maybe they just simply communicate better?

If you can clearly articulate who you are, what specifically you do, and how precisely this can help others, you almost effortlessly filter out the very people you are meant to serve.

Well, imagine you are walking around downtown and you get the cravings for a nice butter croissant. You look around and you see 5 backeries and one … croissanterie.
If you did not know any of these places, where would you go?

(Hint: I have not been to one backery in Frankfurt that did not also have croissants – at least before they sell them out around noon. Anyway, you get my point, I hope.)

Do you think that the person behind the counter in the croissanterie is feeling like they are “selling out” just because they are clearly telling people what their speciality is? Or that they feel icky because they are showing others what they are really good at?

Probably not.
How many people will enter a croissanterie unaware of what is being sold there?
And how many people will enter a croissanterie who are specifically looking to buy croissants?

Most, right?
They are so specific, it is a filter.

Unless you are like me last week, trying to find a place downtown that would sell me some milk for my coffee.
But you’ll always have strange people. According to my professor of statistics they are, basically, irrelevant. ;)

What I want to say, is, that instead of broadening up when looking for new clients you should focus down. It becomes easier to get results and it will feel more natural, because your communication will already be filtering potential clients out for you. It will never feel like you are selling anyone anything.

You are just communicating what you do in an authentic way.

And now I thought so much about croissants that I really want one.

Yes, this DOES have to do with your website.
We’ll get to it next.

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