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… is ONE.

I was trying to find who actually said this, but couldn't. Anyway, it's true:

  • ONE Customer
  • ONE Product
  • ONE Sales Channel

Try for THREE of the above as soon as possible.

Also, if you work on very tight schedules:

  • ONE email provider
  • ONE internet provider
  • ONE computer

Get at least TWO of the above if your work on really tight schedules.

  • ONE  backup (worse: ONE backup on the SAME harddrive)

Try to have at least one backup on a separate hard drive and one backup OUTSIDE of your house on a drive that YOU control.
(If you use an external cloud service, at least read their small print before you put confidential information on it).

I've been in a house fire. I know what it is like. Trust me, fires happen. Even in modern homes with expensive & professional wiring. And these fires are fast and very effective when it comes to destruction. The water, used to extinguish the flames, does the rest of the destruction. They are a good pair.

As to the internet: guess why I am posting my posts later this week. Jep. I could not connect to my website server. Unfortunately I just have one of those.



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