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VG Bild-Kunst – Abbildungsverzeichnis digitale Medien

VG Bild-Kunst – Abbildungsverzeichnis digitale Medien

  Heute mal nur auf Deutsch. Seid Ihr professionell künstlerisch tätig und habt ein online Portfolio? Oder vielleicht auch mehrere? Habt Ihr Bücher illustriert? Illustrationen in Magazinen veröffentlicht? Dann wisst Ihr sicher auch, wie man genau kontrolliert,...

50 Shades of Pink

… or similar. I was on the phone with an American customer today. We were discussing a specific hue that he wanted for a product. Pink, he said. But a bit darker than the pink that his daughter likes, and with a touch of yellow and gray. This helped him pick the exact...

Spickzettel: Agentur-Recherche
Cheat Sheet: Agency Research

I get asked all the time how I went about finding my agency clients in the shortest time back during that really bad period of the dot-com crisis. So I did prepare an 8-step cheat-sheet for you. It does not matter if you are an illustrator, photographer, writer...